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In Selfwealth, of course they show you what offers you've made, but it's not an 'active' real time list in amongst other traders. Secondly, there is an opportunity to trade during the weekends. The customer service team is knowledgeable, friendly, and approachable, plus they work hard to resolve every query as quickly and efficiently as possible. In addition, experienced traders benefit from the range of advanced tools and the trading systems that Option Robot offers. I am thinking that this may not be possible with one account?

Currently, there are more than trading platforms or brokers. This was not the case in when binary options trading started since there were about 10 trading platforms. The emergence of many brokers has been good since it has created high competition, which is beneficial to investors in terms of more bonuses and high.

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Recent legislative changes have also enabled a new share market, Chi-X Australia, to start operating here in Australia. The share market may provide one of the ways for you to achieve your long-term financial goals.

With Westpac Online Investing purchasing and selling shares is easy and straight forward. Diversification - there are over 2, companies listed on ASX covering most sectors of the Australian economy including financial services, industrials and healthcare. You can spread your risk by investing in a range of companies. Potential growth - although past performance is no indication of future performance, history suggests that Australian shares have outperformed other types of investment over the longer term.

Capital growth and Dividends - capital growth occurs when the value of your investment increases. As a shareholder, you are entitled to share in the company's profits or earnings. Tax benefits - for Australian investors, dividends are often worth more than the cash payment they receive. This is because where companies have already paid tax on their profits, tax credits known as franking credits may be attached to the dividends the company pays to you and can be used to offset tax payable by you on other income.

Other investments often take longer to sell and get your money back. Control - you can decide exactly how your money is invested, giving you greater control over your finances. If you use a Westpac cash account that forms part of the Westpac Cash Facility 4 , for the settlement of securities or payment for services, as at 27 March , the share trading rates listed below apply. If after 27 March , you change your account which you use for the settlement of securities or payment for services to a Westpac cash account that forms part of the Westpac Cash Facility 4 , the share trading rates which apply to Standard Accounts will apply.

In these cases, brokerage is calculated on an individual basis and agreed with the client. Call us on 13 13 31 , Monday to Friday between 8am and 7pm Sydney time or place an order via our website at https: To place your order, call us on 13 13 31, Monday to Friday between 8am and 7pm Sydney time.

Your call centre password is the nominated password you give when activating the account. This can be re-set if you have forgotten it, and assists in the timely processing of your phone orders. Confirmations will be sent to you as per your preferred method set up on your account on the day your order trades.

This will include information such as the settlement date and your method of payment. Our order handling system uses a series of automated filters. Orders that pass all of these filters are sent straight to the market with no human intervention. As a client, you have access to Straight Through Processing STP when you place orders for listed financial products online or call us.

Orders that do not pass all of the filters are reviewed by us and subsequently placed on the market or rejected. You can also place a 'Price Limit' order when the market is closed and it will be queued ready for processing when the market opens. If there is insufficient volume at the prevailing price, the balance will remain in the market at the partially trade price, for the specified order duration.

It's not guaranteed that the quoted price will be achieved, as the price when submitted may be different from the current market. An order may be partially filled over a number of days within this period. If this occurs, a separate confirmation will be issued for each part of the order filled — the relevant brokerage will be charged on partially filled orders. You can amend the expiry date at any time on an outstanding order for up to an additional 21 days.

You can instruct us to cancel or amend the unfilled portion of orders. Orders with a specified duration may be amended or cancelled at any time before the end of trading on their expiry date. We will try to process your instructions as soon as possible. However, your initial orders may be executed before your subsequent instructions to cancel or amend an order can be implemented. If an amendment request is rejected by us, the original order will remain in the market under the initial instruction.

Customers are advised that the onus of responsibility lies with them in relation to their orders. In some instances, your order may be referred for manual review. Whenever an order is placed, amended, cancelled, purged, rejected, traded or expires an email detailing the activity is sent. If you purchase rights, the contract note we send you will request payment of the cost of the rights purchased together with the application money.

If you fail to advise us, we will proceed to exercise your rights and you will be issued with the relevant shares. We can only exercise your rights where you have provided us with exercise funds. Listed financial products and warrants may only be traded in specified price increments. All orders submitted to us can only be above or below current market price in multiples of the price increments. All orders must comply with these price increments. There is no minimum limit for sales. This means clients can place buy orders without first lodging funds.

Note that the trading limit is only available for trading accounts which settle to a non-integrated account. Existing Westpac Banking customers: Please note that proceeds from sell orders may only be used as security for 'day only' orders. When trading with the Integrated Westpac Cash Facility, trading limits do not apply. Opening takes place at ASX Trade calculates opening prices during this phase.

Securities open in five groups, according to the starting letter of their ASX code:. The time is randomly generated by ASX Trade and occurs up to 15 seconds on either side of the times given above, e. Normal Trading takes place from The vast majority of trades take place during Normal Trading.

Trading stops and brokers enter, change and cancel orders in preparation for the market closing. The Closing Single Price Auction randomly takes place between 4: ASX Trade calculates the official closing prices during this phase. You can view Outstanding, Cancelled and Executed orders.

Salvatore Santisi 5 out of 5 stars. Could not speak more highly of Varoujan. Extremely helpful and patient during the process and went above and beyond to ensure the design I wanted was created.

Was one of the few Jewellers I visited Debbie-ann Moorby 5 out of 5 stars. I would highly recommend Australian Diamond Brokers to anyone looking purchase high quality beautiful jewellery. I was looking to update my engagement ring so I visited a jewellery store in Canber This page is having a slideshow that uses Javascript.

Orders matched at the best possible quotes and spreads available. For further regulatory information regarding the Payment Service Providers please visit the deposit methods page. Trading in Forex and Contracts for Difference CFDs , which are leveraged products, is highly speculative and involves substantial risk of loss.

It is possible to lose all the initial capital invested. Therefore, Forex and CFDs may not be suitable for all investors. Only invest with money you can afford to lose. So please ensure that you fully understand the risks involved. Seek independent advice if necessary. Register to Gain Full Access. Trade on MetaTrader 4 with no requotes and flexible leverage.

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