5 Market Anomalies to Beat the Market

According to this analysis from Steve Auger , the Dogs of the Dow strategy has been an effective one, outpacing the Dow index by a decent margin since With hundreds of investors constantly on the hunt for even a fraction of a percent of extra performance, there should be no easy ways to beat the market. It is unclear whether there was ever any basis in fact for this approach, as some have suggested that it was a product of data mining. The first chart below shows the average percent gain or loss during each month. Jegadeesh found that stocks with the strongest month returns went on to outperform the market over the next 12 months and smilar findings were found in monthly intervals down to 3 months.

Students will better understand to what extent stock market are efficient and to what extent potential inefficiencies can be translated into profitable quantitative trading strategies.

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Stock Market Strategies – Seasonal Anomalies

Market Anomalies and Investment Strategies Prof. Doron Avramov () demonstrate that the profitability of trading strategies based on market anomalies is mostly attributable to the short-leg of the trade. That imposes do not do stock-picking that does not involve systematic trading rules. In this paper, we examine whether managers’ trading decisions (both at a firm and personal level) are correlated with trading strategies suggested by the operating accruals anomaly and the post-earnings announcement drift (also known as the standardized unexpected earnings, or SUE) anomaly. Technical Trading versus Types of Stock Market Anomalies There is a difference between technical trading in stocks and investing on market anomalies. Technical trading is buying or selling on very short-term signals, usually stock price patterns that last only a few days or weeks.