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Mar 20,  · With most of these trades you could atleast scalp for 20 pips, others have paid out hundreds of pips. If you feel you have something please post but make sure your confidence level is way above average.

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Jun 04,  · Hi guys, I need to close the other thread ideally I wanted one thread dedicated to trading and the other more educationally oriented. I barely have the time to update this one, and there is too much valuable info . Artical no brainer trades forex factory Presently Forex market is really popular throughout the world. Thats the reason why there is nothing extraordinary in the fact that many trading robots are coming to the market these days. Forex Products Reviews; Free Forex Trading Signals and Forecast; Tools; Binary Options Trading Strategies; 68# No Brainer Trading System. Submit by Janus Trader. In the pictures No Brainer system in action. Share your opinion, can help everyone to understand the forex strategy.