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Section 4 Official Corruption and Government Transparency The law provides criminal penalties for official corruption; however, the World Bank's Worldwide Governance Indicators and other indices reflected that corruption remained a problem at all levels of government, as some public officials continued to perpetrate bureaucratic abuses and some criminal acts with impunity. Each of the country's 31 states plus the Federal District has a similar mechanism in terms of state human rights commissions, which maintain autonomy from the CNDH. Responsibility for investigating federal police abuse falls under the purview of the PGR or the Secretariat of Public Administration, depending on the type of offense. Hasta donde puede llegar la ignorancia. Illegal cash crackdown failed - bank report".

Previsión Forex 28 05, vídeo análisis técnico para la semana del 28 de mayo al 1 de junio, por Jesús Ángel Benito García de Forex Índices.

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