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Jay Lakhani is a successful Forex and stock trader with a great experience as a mentor for the newbie Forex traders. He believes that the trader’s psychology and the money management basics should receive much more attention during the learning process than the usual market theory.

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Jay Lakhani was born in Malawi, instantpaydayloansbadcredit.ml and came to the UK when he was He is a professional trader and has been involved with markets since his early twenties. He has extensive experience of both the US and UK stock markets – Trading in derivatives, Forex, Index & Stock futures, and Commodities. So you want Bindal FX reviews:) Does Jay Lakhani really provide good forex education? I have tons of reviews and ratings for Bindal FX and other forex services. I would only deal with Bindal FX after reading all the reviews and ratings on this page. Jay Lakhani instantpaydayloansbadcredit.ml Way to Trade Forex ACKOWLEDGEMENTS Many. Special thanks to Neha Singh who has very kindly corrected my grammar mistakes and also Kamlesh Vishwakarma. but without their support this book would not have been possible. and FXCM Marketscope for the permission to reprint the charts from their charting package.5/5(2).