Optimized Ichimoku AFL code to catch Early Buy or Sell Signals

Past performance is not necessarily indicative of future results. Although these signals are bullish, we still need additional confirmation in order to take a long position. Note that if the black candle completely engulfs the white candles real body then this is not Dark Cloud Cover but a Bearish Engulfing Pattern. This is because the trade trigger occurs at the point the price breaks through the cloud. The Ichimoku chart is made up of five separate elements which are designed to be considered together as a complete picture to provide a perspective on the equilibrium of the current price.

trading system, amibroker, ichimoku Ichimoku Kinko Hyo usually just called ichimoku is a technical analysis method that builds on candlestick charting to improve the accuracy of forecasted price moves.

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How to use Ichimoku Trading System with Three level Target Amibroker afl?

Ichimoku Trading System AFL Code Posted on June 21, by admin ‘ Ichimoku Cloud ‘ is an all in one indicator in Technical Analysis which shows support/resistance, trend direction and momentum in the same chart. Ichimoku The Complete Trading System is really complete trading system. When price is above cloud, it indicates up trend and when price is blow trend it indicates down trend. Ichimoku The Complete Trading System afl contain kijun sen and Tinken sen wich chiku span which help you to decide proper entry and exit. Marketcalls trading decisions on nifty is based on the kumo cloud alone i.e the trading rule is simply buy above the cloud and sell below the cloud with stop loss as a cloud itself. And Iam using the customised version of Ichimoku afl code with parameters 3,12, Anyhow iam not interested with those rest of the elements Tenkan Sen, Kijun Sen, Chikou .