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Sign up using Email and Password. Only IMO, but free data is a false economy - trading has enough potential pitfalls without introducing dodgy price data into the equation! We strongly recommend importing 1-minute data for accurate testing it is possible to import higher timeframes but testing results may not be as good. Here are the languages where you can find the WebSite translated: To reduce the risk of dropped packets and lost information, Tick Data has not collected data over a live feed since Originally Posted by jtrader This Dukascopy download page does seem dodgy as it only takes about 2 seconds for a fairly big.

Download Free Forex Data. Download Step 1: Please, select the Application/Platform and TimeFrame! In this section you'll be able to select for which platform you'll need the data. You can get the Forex Historical Data Automatic Updates using Google Drive! Subscribe, via PayPal, here.

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Oct 24, , Hi JT hypertools converts Excel ascii. It is possible to import EOD data directly into globalserver from an ascii file - but not intraday data. The problem I get is that some excel ascii. However, then other excel files in seemingly identical format - gathered from the above mentioned websites - can be converted into xpo format, but then its not possible to get them into globalserver or a ts chart. Downloaded Dukascopy excel data files for example - appear in a file format that was not identified when I tried uploading it to the hypertrader tech.

I'm just wondering if this is the kind of failed experience that other users also experience. There are many settings for the data that need to correspond between hypertools and globalserver - This is where I imagine problems can occur.

I know that it is possible to convert. It's just I've had no success with the free data sites. The free data may also have doubts over its accuracy. This all probably goes to prove that I am better off paying for data rather than playing with the free data. But then again, I'd much rather get data from a free source if it was functional with ts and if it was accurate.

Last edited by jtrader; Oct 24, at Oct 25, , 2: It does not allow this. It will create the file and save it, but then when you re-open the file - there is no data in it. Microsoft Excel workbook - xls format - enables the copied data to be read in the new file - but. Oct 25, , 9: Have just been successful in getting cable data from http: There are however, big gaps in the data and so it is of little or no use to me.

Still I feel better for knowing that I can get the data into tsi! Oct 26, , 9: On another thread, I came across the following link - http: Data downloads in CSV format for spreadsheets. Correct explanation by Freddy. Retail investors and even most institutional investors don't have access to trading, bid, or ask volumes.

The reason is that there is no centralized body who would aggregate data. Would it be possible to put it in place? Certainly, but the big fx players handful of the really big banks would suffer. Although not even the big banks don't see all the flows only flow going through their books , they see a good amount of it and use it to trade.

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Andrew Cheong 3 To your bullets above Matt 12k 2 17 Thanks for the broad explanation, in addition to answering my specific questions! Each tick is a bid or ask order for some amount. Dukascopy could have order feeds into a number of FX platforms and aggregate the orders found there. They could be iceberg orders. When there's an execution the liquidity is removed from the order book to the trade book. The time this takes to propagate through execution venues can create liquidity mirages.

Alternatively orders are simply cancelled. In one second you could have tens or more of orders across a range of prices. For those of you who have insufficient historical data our company Disk Trading has the pleasure to announce our Historical Data download and DVD disc set. The daily data history goes back to - and the intraday data starts from Minute data and daily data are composed of Open, High, Low and Close prices.

Daily Futures data also contains Volume and Open Interest. The package that you will get will contain data up to the date of the shipment. We shall cover the time between shipment and actual delivery to you by e-mailing you the data for those few days. So you will not have any gap. Every order comes with 1 year of free quarterly updates for the complete database.

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Historical intraday data for 2,+ Forex data (FX) pairs from 95+ contributors (i.e. banks). Includes tick-by-tick bid & ask prices. It's not hard to download historical Forex Data. You can find it on a lot of sites. The trick is to get it for the timeframe you need, here's how to do it. 6 places to download historical intraday Forex quotes data for free Updated on If you want to download intraday Forex data to use with QuantShare or for external use then here a list of websites that allow you to export historical quotes for several currencies for free.