Keltner Channels

Example Goldman Sachs displays the Turtle Trading settings for an up-trend, day upper and day lower Donchian Channels, with day exponential moving average as an added trend filter. Short-term traders seek volatility because of the profit potential. Views Read Edit View history. Financial traders employ these charts as a methodical tool to inform trading decisions, control automated trading systems , or as a component of technical analysis. Simply changing from 2 to 1 will cut channel width in half. They could be used with additional technical analysis tools such as trend lines or the Directional Movement DMI indicator.

DEFINITION of 'Donchian Channels' A Donchian Channel is an indicator formed by upper and lower bands around the price bars. The upper band marks the highest price of an issue for n periods while the lower band marks the lowest price for n periods.

Renko Donchian Strategy Rules

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Donchian channels, Keltner channels and STARC bands are not as well known as Bollinger bands, but they offer comparable opportunities. Richard Donchian created Donchian Channels, which is a type of moving average indicator and a look-alike of other support and resistance trading indicators like Bollinger Bands. Donchian Channels has a simple plotting . Bollinger band and Donchian Channel squeeze. The Bollinger bands and Donchian channels combination is another popular way of trading. With this combination of indicators, the Bollinger bands signal rising and falling volatility while the Donchian channels serve as a breakout indicator. When the Bollinger band contracts within the .