Weekly Options

TD Ameritrade reserves the right to restrict or revoke this offer at any time. These weekly trading strategies are now passed on to subscribers only. We are not risk-adverse. The broker offers international trade capabilities, low commissions and a quality trading platform. Some of the products we feature are from our partners. A majority of the special trade ideas here are option spreads, buying and selling credit spread and debit spreads.

Weekly options have become a stalwart among options traders. Unfortunately, but predictable, most traders use them for pure speculation. Unfortunately, but .

Best online stock brokers for options trading 2018

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Options Trading 101

Expert weekly options trading alerts, proven strategies for today’s markets. Stock options, derivatives of the underlying equity, are the focus from the weekly options list. Weekly options expiration occurs each Friday of the week. List of Stocks, Etf's and Indicies with Weekly Options Available. CBOE’s latest report of Average Daily Volume (ADV) for SPX weekly options in August show that weekly options account for 30% of all options trading. The following represents returns seen using our Weekly Options Strategy since we began trading live. Assumes a $10, account trading 1 options contract per trade. Includes $30 commission per round trip trade. Does not include our one time licensing fee.