NBA Trade Rumors: Raptors Exploring All Options Including DeMar DeRozan, Kyle Lowry

Ron Baker to return soon? Falling short to the Cavaliers for the third consecutive season, the Raptors are faced with a dilemma. Suns have definitely been trying to trade for a front tier point guard - Lillard, Walker, Rozier - but to no avail. Dell Demps, however, is optimistic that the asking price for a veteran wing will come down during the season. But real money matters, too. At least Anderson — himself too much of a liability against top opponents — would have done more in the regular season to help the Rockets earn home-court advantage throughout the playoffs.

For the last few years in the NBA, the trade deadline has been an insanely hectic day. It’s the day where teams deal players away for assets and others use it to try and give their teams that final push into the playoffs by any means necessary.

Raptors stuck on trade talks

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Clippers realize top-five picks are expensive

Watch video · • The Magic are interested in trading for DeAndre Jordan, and a deal for Jordan would likely involve Marcin Gortat. • The Magic are willing trade anyone besides Jonathon Isaac and Aaron Gordon, with Elfrid Payton the most likely to be traded. “A number of trade options are being considered by Lakers executives Magic Johnson and Rob Pelinka, and names that are being bandied about include Damian Lillard, Kevin Love, DeMar DeRozan. My mad scientist’s (or crazed armchair GM’s) look at potential Utah Jazz trade deadline targets from all of the NBA’s other teams. NBA trade deadline time is officially here for the Utah Jazz and the rest of the .