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Notice that Europe is in control directly prior to the U. Don't be shy, get involved. On Nadex you can trade binary option and spread contracts based on the underlying futures prices of the following stock indices from the U. In the above chart, you can see a losing trade in the short set up. The initial range is set from the high and low from the first two hours. The 2-hour range and volume breakout can be very useful to capture short term trends when they are validated by volume. The technology industry was stable after its recent […].

Index options are calls or puts where the underlying asset is a stock market index i.e the Dow Jones or the S&P index. Using index options enables option traders to bet on the direction or volatility on an entire equity market (or market segment) without having to trade option on all of the individual securities.

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Buy or sell on a breakout of this range, validated by higher volume on the breakout candle. Stops are set to the high or the low of the breakout candle while profits can be booked for 10 — 15 points.

In some cases, traders can be held open to the last hour of trading. There was only two valid trades out of four. The reason here is because starting from the left, the first trade is invalid because the volume in the second hour as much higher than the volume on the breakout candle.

You can see how price stayed flat, moving only a few points. The second invalid trade is marked by strong price movement in the second hour. Furthermore, there was no breakout from this range thereafter. The third trade set up is a near perfect set up. The initial range is set from the high and low from the first two hours. Then, price breaks to the upside on higher volume on the day and eventually closes the day higher.

The fourth trade set up shows the range being established but the breakout volume is lower compared to the initial two hour trading volume. Finally, the fifth trade has a similar set up to the third set up. The breakout from the 2-hour range is validated by higher volume, and price eventually closes out higher on the day. The next chart above shows a few examples of short positions based on the range and volume breakout.

Here you can see three textbook short positions as the breakout candle is validated by higher volume compared to the volume from the first two sessions. Price often tends to close lower on the day when this set up appears. The 2-hour range and volume breakout can be very useful to capture short term trends when they are validated by volume.

However, traders should note that the set ups are not very frequent and therefore there will be a few trading days with no trades to take. The DAX futures tend to follow strong trends. With the exception of the consolidation periods where price action can turn flat and whipsaw a trader's positions, the price action is a lot more certain once a trend is established.

On this basis, traders can also look at a minute DAX futures trading strategy. In this method, you buy if price closes above the previous day's high or sell if price closes below the previous day's low. The above chart shows a few long and short signals. The red lines represent the previous day's low while the black lines represent the previous day's highs.

On January 2 nd , the DAX set a high of We have not been back to that number since then and we are currently trading around points below it. Keep this number in mind as you consider overall trend going forward.

So how can you use all of this information to improve your trading? There are several major principles that I focus on in order to trade effectively in the DAX and carry that success to other markets. One of the most important concepts I use as I start my day is the Global Handshake. By taking the major European cash markets and recording the percentage up or down you can calculate an average move up or down for Europe as a whole.

To be a successful trader, you must learn to do two things really well. Increase your accuracy and reduce your risk.

Learning to trade the DAX and use it as an indicator will help you accomplish this. Mobile, AL The Day Trading Institute teaches its students how to approach the market using technical analysis combined with risk management techniques.

More information about Tom Busby and the educational and informational services of the Day Trading Institute may be obtained by calling toll-free At one point, the market had dropped over points and we managed to grab quite a few of those points before 10am. Our BBRSI strategy offered three signals to sell yesterday morning and these could have provided up […]. The bearish case looks at Trump. Unlike in Asia and Europe, international trade and emerging market currency losses have barely hit the US stock markets on Friday.

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#1. DAX futures day trading with RSI

Trading the DAX Index Using Binary Options After the Frankfurt opening, the Germany 30 > strike for the 5 am New York time expiration was sold at $ with a risk of $ per contract at am New York time. The entry was simple — price was making lower highs and lower lows. After entry, price retraced approximately ten points against the position and then a reversal bar to the. DAX is the stock index for the German Stock Market, the Deutsche Boerse (DTB). The actual DAX index is calculated during the trading times, which are AM to PM Central European Time, and it is based on 30 stocks, including ones you may have heard . Horizons DAX Germany ETF (DAX) Option Chain. "Strike" is the index value at which the buyer of the option can buy or sell the underlying stock index. The strike index is converted to a dollar.