Referral commissions are paid out to encourage recruitment of new SingliWorld affiliate investors. Permalink Gallery Easter Holiday Crypto Currency Promotion July 31st, Categories: Jesus powered seven-tier matrix cycler Trinity Mining Review: Has the ComCare Assistance helped Singaporeans 'tide over a difficult phase'? Superman 27K 18 Mar

Forex Investment SingliWorld accept investment amounts of $ or more, with an advertised ROI of % a month. This is referred to as the “Superman EA Forex Trading Platform”, and .

The SingliWorld Product Line

These commissions are paid out via a unilevel compensation structure. A unilevel compensation structure places an affiliate at the top of a unilevel team, with every personally recruited affiliate placed directly under them level 1: SingliWorld cap payable unilevel levels at 5, with commissions paid out per investment made by recruited affiliates as follows: Conclusion When you combine the following: So who runs TFX Global then?

Well gee, I wonder why that is. Yet there it remains. Forex investment fraud - Nov 26th, Taking bets on how Igor Krnic is going to scamsplain his way out of this I want to introduce to Taking bets on how Igor Krnic is going to scamsplain his way out of this one… Now that DoJ names Or have they changed as well in the last Affiliate pack pyramid recruitment Touch Life Global Review: Although they offer a range of products, it is not necessary to keep purchasing these products or introduce other people in order to get these monthly returns.

All legitimate MLM companies need to keep selling products in order to stay afloat and profitable. They charge a premium for their products, and give a generous commission to their affiliates to re-sell their products, in the process saving up on advertising and generating good income for everybody who sells their products. To sell products continuously, most good MLM companies focus on developing good products that people would want to use for the long term.

Advertisement Strangely, One Lightning is not product centric. Although anyone who put in money does get some products, the company is not focused on selling the products and does not require their members to do that. These products are also poorly packaged and seem to be pretty generic products. Although it is also not necessary for existing members to introduce new investors, One Lightning gives out generous commissions to members for doing that. Due to the generous commissions for introducing friends, the monthly returns without the need to sell products, One Lightning has managed to grow very fast within a few months of inception in the Philippines and has even infiltrated other countries like Malaysia and Singapore.

The later investors of course! Classic ponzi scheme style. In March , the Securities and Exchange Commission of Philippines officially published notices that they have served a Cease and Desist order on One Lightning for offering authorized investment schemes. As of last check, this Cease and Desist order has not been lifted. This means that it is officially illegal in the Philippines to be introducing One Lightning to anyone.

Yet, in Singapore, it seems that the group has been actively looking for new members, probably because it is not banned in Singapore yet.

Report the event to the CAD for them to carry out a thorough investigation. If you are already caught in a One Lightning investment scheme scam , try asking for your money back or report them to the CAD if you are refused. SingliWorld smells just like Maxim Trader and operates almost in the same fashion, except on a smaller scale. Permalink Gallery Crude Oil Unavailability Crude Oil Unavailability April 30th, Categories: Dear Clients, Please be informed that crude oil will not be available for Forex trading.

Permalink Gallery Easter Holiday Easter Holiday March 30th, Categories: Dear Clients, Please be informed that due to the Easter holidays there will be some changes to the trading schedule.

Dear Clients, Christmas will be celebrated across the world on December 25th- 26th. As we wrap up and look […]. Please note that due to Christmas and New year holidays, Fxglory operating hours for Forex are rescheduled as […]. Permalink Gallery Crude Oil Unavailability. Crude Oil Unavailability December 12th, Categories: Dear Clients, Please be informed that for a short period of time, crude oil will not be available for Forex […]. Watch Out for Fake Websites!

Dear Clients, We are receiving reports from victims of a fraudulent website called www. Please be alert that Fxglory is […]. Dear Clients, The U. S Thanksgiving will be celebrated in the U. S on Thursday, Nov 23rd.

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Singliworld HK Pte Limited (SingliForex) DO NOT PAY!! Financial Authorities have issued a public warning or consumer alert against Singliworld HK Pte Limited (SingliForex) and/or Global Investor . Recent Posts. Daily Live Statement – 29 May ; Daily Live Statement – 28 May ; Daily Live Statement – 27 May ; Daily Live Statement – 25 May ; Daily Live St. Leong Koon Wah, 45, who is the director of Singliworld Pte Ltd, was served with five charges, including one of promoting a prohibited pyramid selling arrangement called SingliForex scheme. The scheme offered to investors in Singapore and Malaysia between and promised high returns, purportedly from the company’s trading of leveraged foreign exchange, said the police in a press .