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My Mother opened an account and timed it very wrong and opened just as the downfall in started. Forex Striker puts an end to scammers and photoshop tricks. Friday, November 02, Reputation Management Corporate Advocacy Program This is the best way to manage and repair your business reputation. They have done that several times and we have seen traders burned by their flames, and they try to flame brokers too, some times succeed and others not. The Robot does work and when it works compounds nicely, but, losses are always larger than the wins so it tends to take at least two wins to recover a loss, and when a run of losses occurs it can be tough to watch. They even dare to promise you if you lose that they can blackmail the broker to get you your money back.

I have been running the Striker with Vantage FX for approximately a year now. The first three months were fantastic and this prompted a number of friends and family to also join.

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Forex Striker Official Website: You can trade both currency pairs. It uses a patented state-of-the-art technology; it does not depend on the martingale. It takes only hours to trade if the trading market moves very fast within a few minutes trading will be closed.

Forex Striker robot will automatically determine the correct size of trading lots in observing with the selected level of risk within the Risk set. The built-in proprietary trading formula instantly performs all calculations, while the robot eventually opens and closes trading on your account by itself. Forex Striker trades only on those days when the market conditions are favorable.

All Forex Striker customers will be receiving regular customer support for an infinite period. After purchase, you will find all the information about the recommended VPS providers in the customer service area. The robot can open up to 8 transactions at a time for one currency pair. The number of trades opened by the robot at the same time depends on how strong and how fast the market moves at a certain moment.

Both types of reviews can be important. Professional reviewers would spend their time to learn all the details of a forex service and present them to you in clear, easy to read illustrated format- what a time saver! However, please keep in mind the reason why someone would spend the valuable time to present you with this research.

Nearly all of these professional reviewers get compensated when you sign up with the service. This makes them more likely to heavily concentrate on the bright side of a forex company and close their eyes on the negative aspects.

Unlike professional reviewers, traders reviews are unbiased and reveal the good, bad, and often ugly truth of their personal experiences with a forex trading services.

Traders indicate what is going on with the company right now. Remember, even the best forex service can go bad fast and the network of traders sharing experiences reacts very promptly. Traders reviews are a must read before giving your money to any forex trading service.

I have never had ANY issues with them whatsoever. Fast, 24,7 support and never anything but fast withdrawals and execution of my trades. Even though we have very few US brokers left, these guys are constantly proving to be a global leader in retail FX trading. Submitted all documents requested, final step was to "chat" with someone in the UK, just the basic run around; they kept my money.

To anyone this may help! I am relatively new to trading and I decided to open an account with them. It took 3 days for the funds to actually clear but the actually "good-will" the funds immediately.

The next day I received a voicemail from a guy at FOREX saying that my account now qualifies for a personal stock analysts and if I ever needed anything he was my guy. I started trading on a Wednesday and by Friday The day the money clears and is out of my account I received an email saying my account was cancelled for "quality control" and I couldn't log in or do anything. I Immediately called them and the customer rep said that the compliance department did it and they have no information on why my account was terminated.

They also said that there is no way for me to physically speak with the "compliance department" other than email. I hung up and called my personal analyst and he couldn't help one bit either. He transferred me to his manager and he said the same thing but did say I could just open another account. I emailed all email addresses I was given and the I called Gain Capital directly and the same thing happens. First guy can't help so I started getting irritated so he put me on the phone with his manager.

The only thing he did was put in the withdrawal request to transfer what money was in my account back into my bank account. After that when I asked about speaking to someone about this he literally told me this "There is no way for you to speak with our compliance department because they don't take calls so the only way is to email them and they may or may not get back to you".

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PipStriker is a forex broker. Pip Striker offers the MetaTrader 4 and MT4 Mobile forex online trading top platforms. offers over 45 forex pairs for your personal investment and trading options. Why Forex Peace Army is the best source of forex trading reviews We are loved by traders, because we let them spot the problems with forex companies months and even years ahead of the time when regulators step in to shut down forex scams. Forex Peace Army is committed to keep its broker reviews as honest as humanly possible; our editors are extremely experienced and have an advanced suite of custom coded tools to enable them to screen out fake, paid, self-promoting reviews as well as fake negative reviews from competitors.